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I’m not an Afrobeats artiste – Wizkid insists

The Nigerian singer-songwriter Wizkid has declared that he is not the same as afrobeat musicians.


The singer had initially dropped hints on not wanting to be classified as an afrobeats artist in previous posts shared on his social media platform Instagram on Friday, March 15, 2024.

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But his most recent social media posts have clarified his position and given context for why he does not consider afrobeats to be a genre.


According to Wizkid, labelling all of the music he has produced as afrobeats does not do his artistry justice because he has created a wide variety of music over the course of his lengthy and storied career.


He continued by saying that he did not want the only classification for his music to be afrobeats since he thought that was a ridiculous one.

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Wizkid asserts that afrobeats are unique and that the genre’s idea is merely a means of categorising the work of African musicians.


He claimed that the term “afrobeats” was essentially coined by some people to categorise the wide variety of music made by African musicians into one cohesive musical genre.


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