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IM NOT A “HYPOCRITE”—— YOLO Star Aaron Adatsi.

The YOLO tv star Aaron Adatsi popularly known as Cyril has come under heavy criticism after having a baby with his girlfriend Eyram.

The youth ambassador for abstinence has come out to give statements concerning his early child birth and outdoor with his girlfriend Eyram on (Saturday October, 17, 2020).

In his statement Aaron described his decision as responsible not hypothetical.

The actor’s statement is in reaction to the criticism that have greeted the news of him giving birth out of wedlock.

Aaron is known by many as an ambassador for morals in the youth due to his role in the YOLO tv series. Many are disappointed as it stands now.

Aaron Adatsi has defended his decision to have a child out of wedlock despite him being considered as the role model for abstinence among the youth.

According to Aaron his decision to have the baby underlines the need for any other person to take responsibility for their choices.

Story by—— Irene Mart

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