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‘I’ll one day be remembered for my contributions towards music’ – Reggie Rockstone

Ghanaian hiplife artist Reggie Rockstone is adamant that his achievements in the music industry will live on in the future.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast Property FM, the seasoned rapper expressed his pride in his contributions to the music industries of Ghana and Africa.

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He claimed that even though he has made other contributions, music seems to be what people remember him for.

“As for me, whatever I do, the main thing that would be used to remember me is music, but I’m a little bit more than music,” he stated.

Among the many things he is proud of, he mentioned his support for products made in Ghana, especially local food.

“I have made prolific Pan-African moves, so I’m very proud of my contributions to Africa and Ghana, and aside from music, even the food,” he added.


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