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If you earn at least GH¢5,000, don’t ‘rush to leave’ Ghana – Serwaa Amihere

The rate at which Ghanaians are leaving the country to search for better opportunities abroad is becoming an issue of concern.

These travellers associate their departure from the country with unemployment, low income, and a destroyed government system.

Serwaa Amihere, a well-known media personality and brand influencer, has joined the chorus of people who have expressed worry about Ghanaian youths leaving the country, including some government officials.

A tweet from the brand influencer on March 31 caused some X users to react.

She stressed in her tweet that Ghanaians, particularly those between the ages of twenty and thirty who make at least GH¢5,000 a year, should not consider fleeing the nation hastily.

“I believe you should not rush to leave Ghana if you are in your 20s or 30s and making at least GHC5,000 or more. There is not much sunshine in the world,” she tweeted.

In response to the post, a number of X users stated that, considering the state of the nation’s economy right now, it is difficult to find a young person within the designated age range making such a substantial amount of money.

Others argued that such an amount is insufficient to support oneself and dependents, given the current economic challenges. Moreover, some people choose to leave Ghana for other reasons besides money, such as better access to healthcare and other facilities that raise the standard of living in a nation.

Check out Serwaa Amihere’s post and reactions below:


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