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If a woman cannot cook proper Ghanaian Jollof, I can’t marry you- Michael Blackson

Ghanaian comedian and actor Michael Blackson, who resides in the United States, has disclosed that a woman must be an excellent “jollof” cook to be considered for a position as his wife.


Blackson asserts that a man cannot settle down with a woman if she is incapable of making authentic Ghanaian “jollof” rice.

At his school’s first anniversary celebration in Agona Nsaba, Central Region, the actor made this declaration in an interview with Joy News.


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“Jollof examination. You must prepare the jollof, and I must taste it—it must be excellent. I spend a lot of time with people from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and even China who eat fried rice. I cannot marry you if my wife cannot represent my nation with the quintessential Ghanaian jollof,” he declared.


In jest, Blackson said that his housekeeper’s Jollof rice was the best he would have in a while, to the point where he thought about getting married.

“I am almost married to my housekeeper. The other day, she prepared some jollof. I am having one of the best times I have had in a very long time,” he exclaimed.

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In addition, “If your woman cannot cook jollof the right way, leave her now, pack your bags, move, take the kids, and get out of there.”


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