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I would consider endorsing a political party if the amount is ‘life-changing’ – KiDi

KiDi, a Ghanaian singer-songwriter, has declared that unless he wins a sizable lottery, he will not compose music for political parties.


The “Sugar Daddy” hitmaker stated this in an interview with Hitz FM on March 26, citing the harsh political environment in the nation as the reason he would never accept payment to support a political party.

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He made the point that some artists might not be able to rebuild their careers as a result of their political party support, so he would not want to take any actions that would damage his reputation over time.


“We do not live in a system where an individual can openly endorse a political party and then prosper from it. Regretfully, we do not belong to that system.

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“I therefore know who I support. However, I will not take any money from you if you come to me because I am thinking about the long term and my future,” he stated.


He added, half-jokingly, that he would only think about supporting a political party if the stakes were “life-changing,” ideally in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


“Oh, you see, there is a cost for everyone. If the sum is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, it has the power to alter the course of your entire generation. He said, laughing, “I might think about it.

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