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‘I will only win an award at Ghana Music Awards when Nacee dies’ – Brother Sammy

One of the few well-known gospel performers from Ghana, Brother Sammy is known for getting himself into contentious situations because of some of his statements.


On countless occasions, he has made headlines for saying shocking things about his colleagues in the music space or the entertainment industry in general.

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His recent comments regarding well-known gospel artist and producer Nacee are the most recent controversy to add to his extensive record of controversy.


Brother Sammy stated in an interview with Ruthy on “The Dice Show,” which broadcasts on SeanCity TV’s YouTube channel, that he is extremely certain that, barring Nacee’s death, he will never win an award at the prestigious Ghana Music Awards, which Telecel is currently sponsoring.

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Since he was on the board, he claimed that the “Aseda” hitmaker had repeatedly ruined his chances of taking home an award.


The musician, also known by his stage name The Nation’s Worshipper, revealed that he believes Nacee has suffered because he turned down the opportunity to record a song at his production company, which has prevented him from receiving an award.

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