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I will not succumb to indecency for the sake of gaining attention – Adina

Adina, a Ghanaian singer, has stated that she does not agree with selling music using immoral standards.


In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the ‘Killing Me Softly’ singer stated that she will not engage in immoral behaviour just to be relevant or get attention.


“I will not succumb to indecency in order to gain attention or remain relevant in the industry.” “Decency sells, and it is a decision I am proud of,” she said.

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Adina, who believes in exceptionalism, would rather stand apart and alone, commit to being different, than be around people who have decided to do whatever heinous things are to be seen.


“I am not under any pressure to conform to immoral standards in order to sell my craft.” My training forbids it, and it is also a personal choice.”
“People want a certain image, and when they think of branding and getting people to know them, they think of going with what everyone is doing, like what we see on our screens,” she continued. Toeing that line is the easiest way for them.”


“I believe that every brand reveals who a person is and what they stand for.” What you are looking at right now is mine. “I tried mine, and it works for me,” she said.


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