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‘I will beat Shatta Wale if I get the chance’ – Sally Mann fumes

After receiving a response from Shatta Wale’s camp regarding her previous criticisms of his performance at ‘The Africa Games’ in Accra, entertainment pundit Sally Frimpong Manso, also known as Sally Mann, has taken to attacking the musician personally.


Earlier, Sally chastised Shatta for what she called a “disappointing” performance made on such a global platform during an Adom TV conversation with Andy Dosty, which Remedi Entertainment was watching.

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Although Shatta Wale, one of the most well-known musicians in Ghana, had a good platform, his performance was incredibly unimpressive and amateurish. He was miming and not singing the songs correctly.


He is uneasy being by himself, so they ought to have gotten him closer to the audience while he was performing. He seemed so lifeless, as though he had never handled a microphone before. He could have chosen better songs to play; his selection of music was not the best,” she had previously said.


Shatta Wale used Facebook to criticise Sally indirectly after she made these observations. Sammuel Baah, also known as Sammy Flex, the manager of Shatta Movement, addressed people who were critical of his artist’s performance shortly afterward.

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Andy Dosty and Sally Mann were among the people he specifically attacked and ridiculed.


Sally Mann has clarified her position on Shatta Wale’s performance, though, in response to Sammy Flex’s statements.


Seen in a ferocious mood on PowerFM, Sally expressed her frustration with the verbal attacks and stated that it was time for her and Shatta to settle their differences through physical means.


In that sense, Sally Mann—who asserts that she can physically defeat Shatta Wale—has called for a brawl.


They are free to bring it on if that is their desire. I am awaiting. Shatta Wale does not terrify me. In a one-on-one match, I can defeat him. I am capable of defeating him. We should all excuse ourselves, and he will see, Shatta Movement members. She swore, “I am going to beat him.”


Sally went on, “I still stand by my assertion that Shatta Wale appeared lost, confused, childlike, and inexperienced. Could you tell us more about Shatta Wale, please? It was impossible for me to eat or sleep last night. That darn nerve! Alongside him are people who believe they are immortal, including Sammy Baah Flex, Shatta Wale, and others. Surely, they will not pass away?


“Shatta Wale tormented me without cause and even made fun of my privates. He reacts negatively to our criticism and is unable to offend people like Despite, Fadda Dickson, Andy Dosty, and others. These folks have business partners; do you know that?

I have been told that the young puppy has been contacting some individuals asking for my phone number. For what purpose do they wish to visit me? to arrive and murder me? “I am waiting,” she continued.

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