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I wasn’t “slaying” before because of the false doctrines of ‘Apraku my daughter’ – Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah, a contemporary Ghanaian gospel singer, has discussed how her personal decisions, particularly in the area of fashion, have been influenced by the contentious teachings of the late Ghanaian preacher Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, also referred to as “Apraku My Daughter.”

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The ‘Ogyee’ hitmaker explained that her lack of fashion sense for a long time was caused by the preacher’s doctrines, which made her disregard the significance of dressing well.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023, saw the woman of God admit in a thoughtful interview with Roselyn Felli on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning Show that she had followed ‘Apraku My Daughter’s teachings, which were frequently criticised for encouraging extreme asceticism. She acknowledged that at one point these teachings had made her think that worldly interests, such as wearing designer clothes and applying makeup, could not coexist with a pious Christian life.

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The gospel diva went on to say that, as a recent convert, she was overcome with fear and was compelled to believe what the late preacher and other preachers had to say because, at the time, she was not familiar with the Bible and her main concern was going to heaven. As a result, she would not allow such a lifestyle to stand in the way of her chances of entering heaven.


“There were many incorrect beliefs when I gave my life to Christ. April By then, my daughter was a well-known pastor. So, my church invited him, and when he arrived, he claimed that a dwarf had led him to a forest where he had learned that makeup products and other items for ladies’ hair cream are made of ashes from human bones and that anyone who engages in such activities will not enter paradise,” she recalled.


inquired about Apraku’s She said, “Yes, because he said they were produced by ‘Maame Water’ (Marine spirits), and so when you do it, you will go into the river and not into heaven.” My daughter was the reason she did not wear makeup and dressed stylishly.

Subsequently, with the assistance of a pastor named Ato Haggan, she gained an understanding of God’s word, which altered her perspective on fashionable attire.


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