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I Was Ready To Die For R&B – Tems

Temilade Openiyi, professionally known as Tems, a famous Nigerian singer/songwriter, has revealed that she was willing to face any consequences, including death, in order to pursue her passion for R&B music.


In an exclusive interview with popular American rapper Kendrick Lamar, published in the latest issue of Interview Magazine, the ‘Essence’ hitmaker revealed that she was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when she decided to establish herself as an R&B artist rather than doing Afrobeats. She just wanted to send a message, she said, adding that she was so confident in herself that she did not mind if she never became ‘anything or anyone’ with R&B.

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“I was prepared to die,” the 2023 Grammy Award-winning crooner explained. I had so much faith in myself that I did not mind if I never became anything or anyone. I simply wanted to send a message. I wanted to broadcast my frequency. And I told myself, ‘Even if only ten people hear this, it is fine.’ But, along the way, I listened to a lot of Nigerian music, and I was not getting much spiritual.”


“I love Celine Dion, so I love that intense feeling of being about to jump off a cliff,” she went on. That is how I want my music to feel all the time, and Afrobeats did not always provide that kind of stimulation.”

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Tems went on to say that everyone she had previously sought advice from had encouraged her to pursue a career in Afrobeats.


“The only way to do it is with Afrobeats.” It is not that your music is bad; it simply does not fit in Nigeria. Nigerians despise this.” Tems, on the other hand, stated that she refused to give up because money was not her goal. She went on to say that she is “chasing a frequency.”




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