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I was hidden under a table in a control room for about 45 minutes during UTV attack – Mr. Logic

Mr. Logic, one of the UTV panellists, recalled his “traumatic” experience when thugs broke into the UTV studio to assault and disrupt the show.


The well-known pundit recalled that he was forced to find refuge under a table in the master control room when the incident occurred.


Mr. Logic claimed that he spent about 30 minutes being shoved under the table in the room while denouncing the act.

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He described his ordeal in vivid detail, saying that there was inadequate ventilation in the small area where he was covered under the table.


“I am not at all pleased with what occurred. There is not enough room in that master control room, but you ought to have seen the table they pushed me under. It is awful! There was nothing good about what I experienced in the control room underneath the table. I was covered and crammed under the table in the control room for about 45 minutes, he said.

He then made it clear that he would speak at the appropriate moment after the “master minders” had been exposed.

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I left when they began yelling A Plus’ name even though it seemed like they had come for all of us. I feel awful right now. If this were an NPP gang, I would be angry. They were sent by someone who made a critical error. I must first understand who sent them in order to respond,” he continued.


Ghanaians have strongly denounced the attack on UTV and demanded immediate action to bring those responsible to justice.


The attack has been denounced by a number of organisations, including the Ministry of Information, the Ghana Journalists Association, and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).


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