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I want to be remembered as the sweet psalmist of Ghana – Akesse Brempong

Renowned Ghanaian gospel singer Akesse Brempong has expressed his desire to be remembered as the “sweet psalmist of Ghana.”

The musician, who is renowned for his profound lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, hopes to make a lasting impression on the music industry, especially in the gospel genre. He is referencing the biblical character King David, who is well-known for his musical and poetic contributions found in the Book of Psalms, in his symbolic choice of the term “sweet psalmist.”

The ‘Good God’ hitmaker hopes to create music that touches the spiritual and emotional core of his listeners by associating himself with this esteemed title.

The crooner went on to say that he would adore it if his gravestone said, “Akesse Brempong, the sweet psalmist of Ghana.” In an exclusive interview with Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz, he revealed this.

“I’ve read about David, and it was said about him that he was the sweet psalmist of Israel, David the sweet psalmist of Israel. I think it’s a nice thing. I want to be remembered. On my tombstone, they write Akesse Brempong, the sweet psalmist of Ghana,” he said.

Along with being a singer, the man of God also aspires to change many lives in the nation and beyond, much like the biblical David did.

Akesee is also concerned about the fact that, even though 70% of Ghanaians identify as Christians, gospel musicians struggle to obtain funding and sponsorships for their performances and albums.


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