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I used to pray to be like Hajia4Reall – Chef Faila

One Ghanaian chef, Abdul-Razak Failatu, has revealed that she used to want to be like the troubled socialite Mona Faiz Montrage, also known as Hajia4Real. Her attempt to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest cooking marathon was unsuccessful.


She said that a while back, Hajia4Real started a project to donate to the underprivileged in the Northern Region, and she was so inspired by it that she wished to follow in her footsteps eventually.

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Since Hajia4Real is from the Northern Region of Ghana, she said she is proud of her ascent to fame there, as it is not easy for residents to do so.

Speaking on the United Showbiz show, which airs on UTV and is supervised by Remedi Entertainment, Chef Faila revealed that, as a child, she prayed to be as wealthy as Hajia4Real—not to lead the same kind of life.


We were pleased when she became well-known throughout the nation because we knew how hard life was in the Northern Region. She must have visited the North in the last two years to support the orphanage and uplift people, so I was greatly inspired.

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Although I was selling rice at the time, I hoped to one day emulate Hajia4Real. Not in the way she lived, but rather in the ability to influence others with her wealth,” she remarked.


Chef Faila stood up for Hajia4Real’s parents, stating that they could not be held accountable for an adult who makes her own bad decisions.


“I understand their parents are going through a difficult time right now. In my opinion, everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions after thirty years, and parents are not to blame for their children’s transgressions.”

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