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I supported the NPP government because of free education policy – Kalybos

Many Ghanaian celebrities, including Prince David Osei, Too Sweet Annan, Agya Koo, Matilda Asare, Kalybos, and other actors, supported Nana Akufo-Addo’s bid to run for a second term during the 2020 elections, when the NPP government was fighting to hold onto power.


They were seen extensively endorsing the president on several occasions to prevent the opposition parties from unseating him.

Comedian and actor Kalybos explained his reasons for backing the NPP in the 2020 elections during a conversation on TV3’s The Ladies Circle.

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He claimed that the party’s free education policy was the driving force behind his decision to support them out of all of the policies the said party had that year.


He clarified that the implementation of the Free SHS policy relieved him of a burden by allowing him to save the funds he had been using to pay his relatives’ tuition.


“From my point of view and why I supported the NPP, coming from my side of an Ashanti home, when you become the breadwinner, there are a lot of responsibilities. This is because I had to rely on my uncles and everyone else who helped me pay for college and other expenses. You generally have to overcome ten times more of those burdens to succeed.

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And for a long time, I couldn’t save that much because I had to keep on paying fees. These fees go out to those entering the secondary schools and the primary schools.”

Therefore, I saw my entire motivation for backing the NPP as being in favour of the free education policy.

That is what prompted me to get involved. I have been able to save and use the money ever since that policy was put into place. Kalybos continued, “I had to be selfish for once when that was implemented because I did not go in for any other campaign or reason.”





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