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I stopped reading messages on social media due to death threats – Wendy Shay

Musician Wendy Shay, from Ghana, has shared her experiences in the music industry, including being threatened with death and losing out on opportunities because of negative feedback on social media.


Speaking on Hitz FM on March 11, 2024, Wendy Shay said she faced a lot of criticism and negativity from some people who used fake accounts to bully her online.

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She claimed that some of them were made specifically to harass her and that she was unable to locate or track them down.


When I originally started doing music, I got a lot of negative feedback. Upon entering the industry, I received death threats and other similar messages on social media. Not even you can find them. “We tracked down a few of the accounts and discovered that the majority were made solely to intimidate me,” the spokesperson stated.


Wendy Shay disclosed that she stopped answering messages on social media as a result of the circumstances.


She claimed that, as a result of the backlash, she was not reading her comments and missed a message from music producer Trilla asking to feature her.

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“They wanted to put me on when I received a message from Trilla, but I missed it because it was new at the time. We came to the decision that I would grant my team members access to my account as well because of this,” the woman stated.


She declared that she was focused on her music and her fans and that she was not deterred by the haters.


She expressed her gratitude for the love and support she had received from her devoted fans and revealed that she was working on some amazing new projects.

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