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I started ‘slaying’ because I realised Christianity was about righteousness and not about what you wear – Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah, a gospel musician from Ghana, recently revealed a personal insight about her outlook on Christianity and her recent style decisions.

The well-known gospel music sensation, who is renowned for her soul-stirring tunes, revealed that the reason behind her abrupt change to a more fashionable look was her realisation that Christianity is primarily about righteousness rather than appearances.


This was revealed by the “Tetelesta” singer when she was a guest on TV3’s The Day Show alongside Berla Mundi.

Recall that the Woman of God recently discussed how her personal decisions, particularly in the area of fashion, have been influenced by the contentious teachings of the late Ghanaian preacher, Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, also known as “Apraku My Daughter,” in an interview that aired on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning programme. She explained how the preacher’s ideas had made her disregard the value of dressing elegantly.


“There were many false doctrines in existence when I gave my life to Christ. The Apraku By then, my daughter was a well-known pastor. So, my church invited him, and when he arrived, he claimed that a dwarf had led him to a forest where he had learned that makeup products and other items for ladies’ hair cream are made of ashes from human bones and that anyone who engages in such activities will not enter paradise,” she recalled.

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The gospel singer, however, noted in her most recent interview on the Day show that she was too spiritual and thought all things fashionable were demonic at the time. But as she grew closer to Christ, she realised that Christianity was really more about living a moral life than it was about style.


“Back then, I was overly religious. Too spiritual to the point where I think someone wearing makeup, nails, etc. is descended from “maame water.” You know, I never would have worn what I am wearing now. But as time passed, I came to understand that Christianity was more about obeying God’s word, righteousness, and holiness than it was about fashion,” the woman remarked.


Diana went on to say that many Christian wives are losing their husbands as a result of their refusal to become more stylish. She clarified that these women dress elegantly when they are looking for a husband, but they begin to dress anyway as soon as God grants their requests.


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