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I rejected a $50,000 offer to do a song for a political party – Shasha Marley

Renowned Ghanaian reggae musician Julius Amua-Sekyi, better known by his stage name Shasha Marley, has disclosed that he declined a large offer to write a song for a political party worth $50,000.


Shasha claimed that if he accepted the offer, he would be required to write a song for the political party’s campaign.

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The “Twin City Mafia” hitmaker, speaking in an exclusive interview with Abeiku santana, revealed that he was kept awake all night until he met with the person the next day to discuss the deal because of a call from an old friend informing him about the significant opportunity. Nevertheless, he made the decision to turn down the offer after talking to his wife.


“I turned down a $50,000 offer from a political party to perform a reggae song for them this year [2024], which will surprise and amaze you.

“A longtime friend of mine who is not in politics called and said he had a significant announcement for me. That night, I had trouble sleeping. We met the next day, and he gave me an explanation.

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“After coming home and briefing my wife, she advised me against it because of the politics involved,” he said in his next statement. “Eventually, I agreed and rejected the offer.”




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