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I prefer to be recognize for my music, not my body shape – Sefa

The gifted Ghanaian singer Sefa has stated that she would rather be known for her music than for how she looks.

Recently, the ‘Fever’ singer stated that her life’s goal is to become well-known for her music, which is why she is in the position of pushing it above all else.

“For me I think, I try so hard because you know, I’m a very tall girl, and anytime I step out anybody just sees me, and I feel like immediately people see me their minds just go to my body.

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She continued; “And I don’t want people to know me for that, I don’t want that to be the only thing that comes into people’s minds anytime they hear Sefa so I try so hard to push more of the music and even that one I’m being insulted, but I thank God it is the music going”, she said.


Sefa went on to discuss how she responds to criticism of her work and backlash on social media saying “When I see that I cannot take it, I just go offline, I don’t like to get emotional and most of the things that people bash on social media are things they don’t even know a lot about because of what they have been fed, they don’t listen to the interviews and get a fair idea of a situation and sometimes it is like arguing with a blind person”, she revealed.

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