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‘I lied about being a delivery man in the US; it was just for trends’ – EL

E.L, a Ghanaian rapper, has revealed a recent lie he told in his quest to be featured in the trends.

When discussing social media stunts with Andy Dosty on HitzFM, the rapper admitted that he recently lied about providing courier services in the US to make ends meet.


In an interview with 3FM, E.L stated that he gave up his celebrity status to work as a food delivery man in the United States in order to pay his numerous bills.

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“Time teaches you so many valuable lessons and changes you, especially when you go through some difficult times.” It is something I have done before. I had to start doing food delivery in the United States at one point. Yeah, it was that deep. To keep myself going, I delivered food from door to door.


“I have actually been through things that teach you things like humility.” So anytime I see an artist and they come to me for advice, the first thing I tell them is to cool down. You know, you haven’t seen anything yet,” the musician said in an interview on 3News.


However, in an unexpected turn of events, E.L stated that those statements were fabrications designed solely for public consumption.


“It was more of a publicity stunt.” They said, “Let us do something to make this trend.” He retorted, “I wanted to get something trending, and it did trend.”

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According to him, that act was masterminded by him and some people on his team.

“I shouldn’t have done it. It was from me and was also influenced by a few people around me,” he added.

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