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I have rejected a lot of roles because the storylines are not educational – Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah, an actress and businesswoman from Ghana, has explained why she has not been acting lately.

The actress claimed recently on Accra FM that movie plots are no longer educational, which is why she has turned down many roles.

I have turned down a lot of roles because, in the end, I just consider the plot and the screenplay. I will not join the cast if the script makes no sense to me after reading it.

“There are movies that seem aimless and go around in circles,” she went on. You cannot get any good advice from it. The younger generation cannot benefit from it in any way. So I do not watch any movies that do not teach a good moral lesson,” she declared.

Martha claims that she has turned down many roles because there are not enough moral lessons in film scripts.

She mentioned a script that had scenes like “a man who sleeps with women and kills them” as another example. What is the audience learning about multiple women’s murders from such a film, exactly? She asked a query.

“I had the audacity to inform the individual who sent the script that the narrative is nonsensical. I was honest, and I have said that to numerous producers as well,” she claimed.


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