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I Had Two Miscarriages After My Wedding In 2019 – Selina Boateng

Ghanaian gospel music icon Selina Boateng has shared personal details about her two devastating miscarriages that followed her 2019 wedding, as well as the significant obstacles she faced in her early marriage.


The well-known vocalist, who is praised for her soul-stirring vocals, bravely opened up about the emotional toll these losses took on her and her spouse.

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The singer of “Asuma Asem” claims that two months after becoming pregnant in her first year of marriage, she miscarried. In her second year of marriage, she went on to say that she became pregnant once more and miscarried. In the third year of their marriage, she was blessed with a baby boy named Samuel Opoku Berchie, who demonstrated her maker’s faithfulness.


In an exclusive interview that aired on Saturday, December 16, 2023, on The Delay Show, the well-known gospel diva revealed this information.

“I miscarried after two months of being pregnant during my first year of marriage. I got pregnant again in the second year but had a miscarriage after four months. The third was in the third year, and by God’s grace, it was successful,” Selina recounted.

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When asked what could have caused the miscarriages, Selina Boateng said: “The doctor was not specific about what was causing that except that they mentioned stress. I think I was all over the place, travelling and performing, so that could be the cause.”


“So, for the third one, they advised me to have enough rest. Though I did not rest the way they wanted, I was able to give birth because they tied my womb,” she added.


In the meantime, the crooner denied rumours that she overate to gain weight, saying instead that her current size resulted from childbirth.


She remarked, “I feel terrible about the act of body-shaming, especially in light of my weight gain after giving birth.” It is a natural process, and I am not the only one who has noticed physical changes after giving birth. Some remarks are hurtful, but others inspire me to start a weight reduction programme.”


Selina went on to emphasise how crucial it is to understand that gaining weight after giving birth is a “common occurrence and can result from various factors.”


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