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‘I had to do something’ – KiDi explains why he helped the arrested #OccupyJulorbiHouse protesters

The Ghanaian musician KiDi recently made a statement about his involvement in offering legal assistance to demonstrators detained during the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest.


In a statement to the BBC, KiDi emphasised the value of being a good citizen and the freedom for people to voice their concerns in a peaceful manner.

KiDi emphasised the value of citizens’ voices and their capacity to peacefully protest for their rights, and when he learned that some protesters had been detained, he felt moved to act and lend his support.


“In situations like this, your first duty is to your country. The freedom to peacefully express one’s concerns should be available at all times. If I see people leaving their homes to speak to the government and they end up in that situation, I feel like I had to take action to save them, he said.


Speaking about the effects of the nation’s economic problems, KiDi pointed out that the issue is pervasive and has an impact on many facets of society. Additionally, before the entertainment industry and other industries could prosper, these underlying problems had to be resolved.


“It is everywhere; obviously, things are going on down there, and it is like a domino effect. When one component of the system breaks, the entire ecosystem and many other systems are also affected. People do not think about entertainment if they are not properly fed, happy, or otherwise okay, according to KiDi.


The #OccupyJulorbiHouse movement was born on social media as a protest against the government’s poor economic management and disregard for infrastructure. It culminated in a three-day protest, which had its first day marred by reports of brutality. A number of celebrities joined the protest on the second and third days, which were incident-free.

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