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I Don’t Want to Have Children – Sister Derby

Deborah Owusu-Bonsu, popularly known as Deborah Vanessa or Sister Derby, is a Ghanaian pop singer and human rights activist who has stated that she has no immediate plans to have children.


Sister Derby, who recently turned 39, admitted that, despite caring for many children, she does not want any of her own.

This arose as a result of a fan inquiring whether she is a parent given how young she appears despite her advanced age.

Sister Derby, who has had numerous failed relationships, stated earlier this year that she is not interested in marriage.

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The general public is aware of Sister Derby’s failed romances. She stated that she does not hide her romantic involvement from the general public.

She stated in an interview that she is content with her current relationship and that marriage is not something she craves.

“I am not in any way desperate for a marriage. I will be happy and content even if I do not marry or have children.


I do not think it is the end of the world because of it; I have always been self-sufficient.

“I am not in a hurry to marry. Will it bring me $5 million?” She inquired.

Derby also advised young women to be confident in their own abilities and to resist social pressure to marry and enter into unhealthy relationships. She explained why she often flaunts her new boyfriend in public.

She stated that if he is sincere and comfortable around her, she sees no reason to keep him hidden.

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“I am the type of person who prefers to be free and stress-free. I find hiding, pretending, and calculating to be extremely stressful. But why should I hide if I am comfortable and the person appears to be serious? Why should I be concerned about society? Everybody has relationships and breakups.

“The truth is, if you like someone and enjoy their company, you want to be around them all the time.” “My partner and I both enjoy my company,” she stated emphatically.

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