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I don’t own the things I flaunt, it’s just props – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has admitted that the lavish lifestyle he portrays on social media is all a ruse.


In a Twitter space discussion with Cookie Tee, the ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker stated that the money, cars, and houses he flaunts on social media are just props that boost his brand and should not be taken seriously.


Medikal used Hollywood movies to make his point, claiming that just as shooting and killing are not real, so are the expensive cars, vacations, private jets, and other luxuries he flaunts.

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“It is all props; it is like the Rambo movie; you see him with guns, shooting and killing, but in real life, he is chilling in The Bahamas; that is how it is.”


“What you see on social media is therefore an illusion.” It is just my name. I do not have anything. My fans are well aware that I will not claim as my own anything that I do not own. “I am not rich; I am just trying to survive; I am a hustler like everyone else,” he explained.




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