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I Don’t Owe Anybody An Explanation About My Body – Sefa

Questions about her body, according to the ‘Echoke’ singer, are too personal for her, emphasising that “I do not give anyone an explanation for what I do with my body or what I do with my personal life.”


In a recent interview with Accra FM, the Black Avenue Muzik signee stated that she is unconcerned about what others think of her, emphasising that her only concern is to do music and make sure that when it comes out, it is good music.

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“There is nothing I can do if people choose to focus on my personal life and my body rather than the music.” “I am doing my best,” Sefa said, “but I do not think I owe anyone an explanation, just as they do not owe me an explanation.”


The crooner also revealed that people approach her and inquire about her stunning body, and while she admits it is just a curious mind, she emphasizes that it is a private matter.”How would you feel if I just came up to you and asked if you had sex the night before?” she asked. It is like asking me that because it is my personal business. I sometimes feel that I do not do anything controversial because I do not give them anything to talk about. They want to run with anything small they have. So it is natural.”


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