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I didn’t go for my BECE results because I knew I would fail – Obaapa Christy

Christiana Twene, a contemporary Ghanaian gospel singer better known by her stage name Obaapa Christy, recently disclosed that she did not bother to check the results of her Basic Education Certificate Examination after finishing.


The crooner of “Hyebre Sesafo” claims that she did not attempt to return to school following the results because she anticipated failing every subject.

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The gospel music icon stated, “I reached JHS, but it is not that I stopped; I wrote BECE, but I did not go for the results,” in an exclusive interview with Roselyn Felli on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning.


I knew I would not pass, so I did not even take the test to find out,” Christiana said in response to the question of whether she had passed her exams.


It is not that the singer did not study; rather, she thought that even if she did, she would not succeed because she had encouraged the notion that her intellectual deficiencies made learning difficult. She made the decision to concentrate her efforts on praying and singing at school because she enjoyed doing them.

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“When we go see a sick colleague, I am asked to lead praise and worship on Wednesday and Friday nights, or I get a call from a teacher asking me to go shopping. The singer emphasised, “Those were the things that made me enjoy attending school.”


Not only did Obaapa dislike studies, but she also mentioned that she detested dictation sessions in class. Nevertheless, Obaapa Christy feels she would have excelled in her academics if she had positioned her mind to study thoroughly, considering how smart she is at capturing things at her current age.


Since she thinks that there are other paths to success besides education, the musician says she does not regret her behaviour in school. She adamantly feels that God’s blessing is the most important thing, even though she supports formal education.


She remarked, “I do not joke with such grace because my success is based on the grace of God that located me.”


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