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I am healthy despite my weight, I can run faster than slim people – Celestine Donkor

Clarification has been provided by gospel singer Celestine Donkor, who says she has no plans to undergo weight-loss surgery.


She claims that her health is sufficient and that she would only consider weight-loss surgery if a doctor so advised.


During an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, she mentioned that she practices healthy living habits to take care of herself because she comes from a family of big runners.

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She also has an active lifestyle and may be able to run faster than some thin individuals.


Despite my size, I lead an active lifestyle. In a marathon, I could possibly surpass many slender individuals. My family is large, so I inherited the obesity.


“I have never experienced anything like high blood pressure. She remarked, “I am in good health because I get regular checkups, drink a lot of water, and get enough sleep.

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She suggested that people try adopting healthy lifestyle habits instead of having surgery, unless their weight was endangering their health.


“Managing a diet and exercising can help you stay in shape if your weight is not putting your health at risk or putting you in danger. Try your luck with that one. However, it is acceptable to have surgery if your weight poses a risk to your health,” she stated.


She urged her followers to accept her for who she is, promising not to jeopardise her health in an attempt to fulfil unattainable beauty standards.


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