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I almost threw up the first time I encountered shito – Mr Eazi

Mr. Eazi, a well-known musician from Nigeria, has talked candidly about his early thoughts and experiences during his time studying at the University of Ghana.

He also talked about how, despite his initial dislike of shito, a hot pepper sauce from Ghana, he eventually fell in love with it.

In a brief sit-down interview on 3 Music TV, Mr. Eazi, who earned a mechanical engineering degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), recounted his initial impressions of Kumasi.

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He claims that his mother convinced him to travel to Ghana by telling him that the country was like Canada, where he was meant to attend school.

When the founder of emPawa Africa stayed in a hotel and was served rice and shito, he claimed to have experienced a culture shock. He continued by saying that, because he was not used to the meal, he felt queasy when he first encountered it.

“My mom actually told me I was supposed to go to Canada for school instead of Ghana. And everybody is like, ‘Oh, it’s almost the same thing’. I don’t even understand how they believe that.

“When I was a hotel resident, they served shito sauce, which is currently one of my all-time favourite sauces. In fact, when they brought the rice and the shito, there’s like crayfish; there’s dried pepper. I almost threw up. I was like, the smell, I wasn’t used to it,” he said.


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