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Hajia4Reall’s friends deleting pictures from social media – Fiifi Pratt

According to well-known radio host Fiifi Pratt, some of Hajia4Real’s pals have started removing old photos of the socialite from their social media accounts.


In an interview on Kingdom FM, he asserted this while questioning why he perceived certain individuals as being disloyal, alongside well-known YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon.


Fiifi Pratt noted, “It appears that Hajia4Real’s friends are removing photos they took together from their social media pages,” in response to the news of Hajia4Real’s guilty plea and the conversations that followed. What is the reason behind their actions? “Whatever happened to loyalty?”


In response, Kwadwo Sheldon hypothesised that people might be avoiding Hajia4Real out of concern that her problems might negatively affect them.

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Kwadwo Sheldon responded by suggesting that individuals might be distancing themselves from Hajia4Real because they want to avoid her issues potentially impacting them adversely.


Additionally, Kwadwo Sheldon emphasised that it is human nature for people to not associate failure with anything negative.


It is because nobody will want to be around you, and your problems will come through to them. Would you post about Pablo Escobar on social media if you were his friend? People are like that; no one will identify themselves with failure. There is no such thing as loyalty.

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She could break from this. It is difficult for someone who has led a prosperous life. Since the switch was absurd, and if she is not mentally ready…,” Sheldon answered.


Social media users have since called out Hajia4Real’s well-known friends for remaining silent since her ordeal went viral, despite Fiifi Pratt’s lack of naming them.





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