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Hajia4Reall could be deported – US Court

According to court transcripts from the United States, Hajia4Real may be deported after entering a guilty plea.


A New York State court stated that Hajia4Real might be deported for not being a US citizen or possessing a residency permit.


“The defendant acknowledges that, if the defendant is not an American citizen, the likelihood of their being deported from the country is increased by their guilty plea and conviction. Parts of a court agreement that Hajia4Real agreed to read stated that it is presumptively mandatory and that, at the very least, the defendant is at risk of being removed or suffering other unfavourable immigration consequences.

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Moreover, even in the case that Hajia4Real is deemed a citizen based on neutralisation, she remains susceptible to denial.


“The defendant recognises that if they are a neutralised citizen of the United States, entering a guilty plea may affect their immigration status.

The statement stated that “if the defendant’s neutralisation was obtained by concealing a material fact, by willful misrepresentation, or by any other illegal means, a citizen is subject to de-neutralization and removal under federal law.”

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In the interim, Hajia4Real has an appointment with a probation officer to go over the reasons why she ought to receive a light sentence.


The formal sentencing procedure for Hajia 4 Real might take several months.


She has an appearance date of May 31st for a control date, which is a crucial step in deciding when she will be sentenced, according to previous court documents.

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