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Ghana’s music industry lacks structures to reward veteran musicians – Wendy Shay

Famed Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay had shed light on a critical issue plaguing the country’s music industry—the absence of adequate structures to honour and reward veteran musicians.


The Afrobeat sensation emphasised the need for a system that recognises the invaluable contributions of seasoned artists who have paved the way for the industry’s growth.

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The ‘African Money’ hitmaker explained that Ghana’s music industry has no structures to reward musicians who have contributed to the growth and development of the music scene.


The renowned singer made these comments while responding to a question about her visit to the ailing K.K. Kabobo, who is battling liver disease at the moment. According to her, if K.K. Kabobo had enjoyed the benefits and opportunities that the current generation of musicians have, he would have been fine.


“There was a little bit of a heartbreak to see our legends go through these kinds of states because I feel there is no structure in the industry that is paying musicians who have paid their dues.

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“Imagine if, at that time, they had what we are enjoying today. I think they would have been fine because he had monster-hit songs. And it’s just sad that we are now catching up,” she said in an interview on TV3’s New Day on March 8.


Wendy, who donated cash to the ailing K.K. Kabobo a few days ago, bemoaned the situation and called for a pragmatic resolution.


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