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Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows, but when Nigerian artists come to town, they even book in advance to see them perform – Fameye

Fameye has shed light on a pressing issue that Ghanaian artists face when they perform outside of the country.


During his appearance on the Day Show, Fameye stated that Ghanaians living outside the country do not always attend their fellow countrymen’s shows with the same fervour and anticipation that Nigerian artists’ performances generate.


“Since I blew up in 2019, I have played shows in the UK and America; I have gone with other people, and it did not work out for us.” Even though it would work for us, Ghanaians would have to be the majority there, and even then, they would be hesitant to join us,” he revealed.


He also acknowledged that the presence of a majority Ghanaian audience is necessary for a successful show, but even when the conditions were favourable, Ghanaians abroad appeared hesitant to embrace their own artists with the same enthusiasm as foreign ones.

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“Why do you think Ghanaians cancel their shows? They do not show up.” When Wizkid has a show, people seek permission from their employers four months in advance; they will not do so for any Ghanaian artist. “King Promise has been performing internationally for quite some time, but Ghanaians have a problem,” he added.


The “Nothing I Get” singer also emphasised the shifting dynamic between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.

He recalled how, in the past, Nigerian artists sought collaborations with Ghanaian artists in order to leverage their influence.


However, the tables have turned, and Ghanaian artists must now make an effort to feature Nigerian artists, as they believe that collaborations with Ghanaian artists will not provide them with the exposure they seek.


“Because our people suddenly look like it is an intentional thing because it was not like that before; that is why the Nigerians used to feature us again, but right now it is us chasing them to feature them because they do not feel like they will get the mileage they want,” he hammered.

His remarks follow the unexpected cancellations of concerts by two Ghanaian music powerhouses, Sarkodie and Gyakie, in the UK and parts of Europe in July 2023, which sparked interest and raised questions among fans.


The absence of official statements from the artists fueled speculation and curiosity about the underlying causes.

However, Alordia, a well-known music and event organiser based in the United Kingdom, recently revealed the true reason for these cancellations.

According to Alordia Promotions, the decision to cancel the concerts was motivated by low ticket sales.

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Fameye also stated that he wants to build his fanbase both locally and internationally before embarking on a tour or performance.

“Right now, if you call me to perform at Afronation Portugal, I will not go because I do not have the people.” “I want to work hard so that when I go, I can compete with the audience,” he explained.


His submission, albeit surprising, underlined the challenges Ghanaian artists face in gaining international recognition and airplay.

“I have to be prepared, and I feel like I am not prepared because some so-called international artists are unable to make the numbers when they travel out to perform,” he added.


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