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Ghanaians can’t support more than one artiste at the same time- Kelvynboy

Ghanaian Afrobeats sensation Kelvynboy has stated that, despite the abundance of talent in the industry, Ghanaians do not support all of them at the same time.


According to the “Vero” hitmaker, attention is focused on one artist at a time, making it difficult for others to shine.

“We can not help multiple people at once.” Nigerians are gifted artists. As they do so, they support everyone equally. That is not what we do. We do not support multiple artists at once. If Kelvynboy appears, it will be Kelvynboy. We are going to take him and compare him. “People say, oh, this one,” he said in an interview with MX24.

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Kelvynboy expressed this viewpoint while speaking about diversity and support in the Ghanaian music industry.


The award-winning artist believes the music space has diversified, and music lovers have been given the opportunity to listen to their choice of artists rather than being told to do so by “gatekeepers.”


“I think that narrative, that table is turning, actually, because way back when I came into the industry, every song could blow up quickly. It hasn’t happened lately. Thanks to social media and all that. It’s not like the ones that some gatekeepers are saying are the number one. The number one is on our phones. We can’t force anybody to like or dislike something,” he stated.

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