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Ghana music has no future, the copycat is too much – Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, a seasoned musician from Ghana, has said that imitation is a bad trend in the music industry right now and will not help it grow in the future.


He clarified that artists do not push themselves to contribute novel ideas to enhance the current values under the current regime.

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According to the seasoned performer, Burna Boy and other Nigerian musicians sing in a way that reflects their identity, making them instantly recognisable on the international scene.


According to Ambolley, Ghanaian musicians who perform in patois and declare themselves to be “Dancehall Kings” are not authentic.


This suggests that the music industry’s future is not promising, in his opinion.


“We are copying more than we are being creative, so there is no future for Ghanaian music.” Although dancehall music is originally from Jamaica, the young musicians want to pursue it by singing in patois and other styles. Have you ever heard Burna Boy sing in his native tongue?

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“There is an identity, no doubt about it; his singing style is identifiable as Nigerian. “What about the person who came up with the idea? You are calling yourself the ‘Dancehall King of Africa,’ but someone else created the genre,” he said.


Popular songs like “Abrentsie,” “Adwoa,” “The Simigwa,” and others have made Ambolley one of Ghana’s most respected and experienced musicians.





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