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Ghana is sick, there’s no plan B – Prophet Kofi Oduro reacts to internet disruptions

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministry, has criticised the nation’s governance in the wake of recent internet outages that have presented difficulties for both individuals and enterprises.


He thinks that having backup plans in place for all potential outcomes is crucial for the nation. This means there are backup plans in place in case the main scheme does not work out.

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The current state of affairs poses a threat to national security, he continued.


His anger stemmed from the lack of backup plans Ghana had made to assist its people in the event of internet outages. People have experienced great inconvenience as a result of these disruptions, which have brought many organisations and institutions to a complete halt.


“Security is being threatened by what is occurring online. The fact that everyone is shut down makes now an ideal moment for anyone planning a coup d’état. Every scenario needs to have backup plan B and C.

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There is always a backup plan, even when it comes to ministry work.”How can you inform me that there is a broken cable coming from Portugal? Ghana lacks a plan, which is why this country is sick,” he declared in a video that Trends GH TV posted to their YouTube channel and that Remedi Entertainment was able to view.


The recent cuts in underwater fibre optic cables, which have severely affected mobile network operations since March 14 and caused widespread internet outages across the country, prompted him to make the statement.


The four subsea cables that connect Ghana to Europe via Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire have been notified by the National Communications Authority (NCA) that they are still not operational.


The group has additionally stated that it will take roughly five weeks for the internet problems to be fixed and things to get back to normal.

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