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Gatekeepers are needed in the industry – Mr. Logic advises up-and-coming acts

Mr. Logic, a well-known entertainment pundit, has criticised up-and-coming musicians for disregarding industry insiders and gatekeepers.


During a conversation about artist Kofi Jamar’s assertions that many musicians are simply taken advantage of and left behind by the industry, Mr. Logic said these things.

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He emphasised the need for gatekeepers in the creative arts sector in a speech on April 9, 2024, on Hitz FM, warning that alienating oneself from them could ultimately harm one’s career.


A growing number of emerging artists are starting to take inspiration from certain industry figures and believe gatekeepers do not matter. Your career will suffer if you are not surrounded by people who are like that.


And some of these musicians, who are the biggest draw in town right now, were once there. And to get them back on their feet, industry players were required.

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These individuals now talk in any way because they believe they will not need them in the future. Therefore, these individuals are chatting in any case, and a few of these youth are joining in,” he remarked.


He also advised upcoming artists not to pay attention to older artists’ remarks that suggest they can develop their careers without the support of industry players.


He emphasised that the industry is about more than just making money; it is also about the networks and relationships that have been built over time.


He warned, “If you are an artist listening to me, be very careful; it is not just about money.”


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