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Funny Face Cries On GHOne TV While Talking About His Missing Twins (Video)

Ghanaian actor cum comedian Funny Face breaks down in tears as he talks about his missing children on GhOne TV.

According to the comedian it’s very depressing to live without them and it’s just by grace that he lives every single day.

“I look after other children and pay their expenses so what stops me from pampering and taking good care of my own children. Children are seen as God’s very own way of thanking me for all the smiles and happiness that I spread in the lives of every single child that has come into contact with”, Funny Face said.

Funny Face added that he has not taken any action because he doesn’t want any bad image that will hurt his kids in the near future when maybe he is not there to explain himself to the children so he is living every day praying that God will bring them back someday.

Funny Face later on in the show disclosed that he is planning on creating a Disneyland for children in Ghana but it’s a very costly project which needs a lot of hands on deck.

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