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Fornication Hinders The True Blessing Of Mankind – Mama Boat

Gospel singer and counsellor Mama Boat has revealed one of the sins that prevents mankind from getting the true blessings and favour from God.

Mama Boat, speaking on the negative implications of fornication on the youth in the studios of Remedi Entertainment , stated that not only does God frown upon it but also drives away our intended blessings.

According to the ‘N’adom Ara Kwa’ singer, the good book says that “ The spirit fights against the flesh and the flesh fights against the spirit ’.

She added that the flesh overcomes the flesh when you worship and serves the Lord in the flesh but the spirit overcomes the flesh when worship and truly serves the Lord in the spirit .

She further added that, we do all of these things and yet we attend Sunday service and weekly church activities and we pray thinking that God answers our prayers , it’s time to stop deceiving ourselves and flee from fornication.

She concluded that this thing called fornication hinders the true blessings from God and has destroyed so many good destinies and lives out there , it’s time for us to turn a new leaf and seek the face of God in truth and in spirit.

Watch video below:

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