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FlyBoy Geesus Fans Interrupt Interview at Hitz FM Shouting, “Geesus”

Fans of Flyboy Geesus did the sweetest thing today at the premises of Hitz 103.9 FM.

The rapper was at the studio for an interview as a part of his promotion for his new song, “low key.” Just when Flyboy complains about the little support he’s getting, his fans trooped in their numbers to the studio.

“Geesus, Geesus, Geesus,” was heard from the entrance, interrupting the interview.

Flyboy joined them at the entrance and begged them, even went on his knees begging them to calm down, so he could finish the interview.

Some have called it a stunt, others say it was genuine love for Flyboy Geesus.

Whatever it was, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Story by Sharon Onella

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