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Fameye allegedly ties the knot with German girlfriend

Recently, there have been rumours of a covert wedding between Fameye, a well-known musician from Ghana, and his girlfriend.


The couple was spotted leaving the Madina Magistrate Court together, which piqued fans’ and followers’ interest and led to conjecture.

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Uncertainty has surrounded Fameye’s purported bride’s identity; rumours suggest she is a German citizen who frequently travels to Ghana. Although Fameye and his purported partner have not responded to inquiries about their relationship, the sighting at the courthouse has stoked rumours about them.


Fameye’s previous marriage, which includes a wife and two kids, gives this story an intriguing twist. His prior family connections were made public, which shocked the entertainment industry and raised doubts about the veracity of the reported covert marriage.

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Fameye has maintained a relatively private personal life despite being well-known in the Ghanaian music scene for his hit songs and captivating live persona. Fans are curious to find out more about the enigmatic woman by his side, and this most recent sighting has piqued their interest.


The purpose of the couple’s court visit is still unclear, though, as there has been no official confirmation or comments from Fameye or his representatives. Their appearance in court may have to do with any number of unrelated legal or administrative matters; it is quite possible.


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