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Fame is nice but you can’t be yourself – Rita Dominic

Nollywood producer and actress Rita Dominic, who has won numerous awards, recently discussed fame and the difficulties that come with being well-known.


The movie star said that although fame has its benefits, it also limits a person’s capacity to be genuine to themselves in an interview with Lexis Bills on JoyFM’s Personality Profile. She continued her explanation of the challenges of being in the public eye, implying that being a celebrity comes with constant scrutiny and expectations.

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Though it has gotten better over time, the famous actress acknowledged that she still has to overcome the constant criticism and scrutiny she encounters.

“I like the notoriety. Although it has many positive qualities and can open doors for you, there are some parts of it that I dislike. Sometimes you just cannot be yourself. Thus, that is the area in which I still have some difficulty, however, many years have passed.


“Over time, things do get better, but I still have trouble with the constant criticism and scrutiny,” she admitted.

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Aside from claiming that some people cannot separate her from the roles she plays, the actress—who has starred in multiple films, including Blood Sisters and Light in the Dark—also claimed that these misconceptions stem from her personal life.


She emphasised how crucial it is to distinguish oneself from her on-screen personas to prevent misunderstandings. She claims that individuals “tend to assume that I am some of the characters that I play. No, I am not.”


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