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eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes Receives UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards Nomination

Ghana’s number one girl chat show, ‘Girl Vibes’ which is hosted on eTV Ghana by the Ekumfi Princess Mercy Bee, has just received a nomination for Best Tertiary TV Show at the Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) Ghana Tertiary Awards 2020.

The show which is only two seasons old has already reached a huge audience and has become a favourite all across the country as well as outside. A feat which was achieved from the hard work of the whole team both behind the screens and on-screen, and from holding interesting discussions on topics like ‘rape, dating older men for money, abortion, cosmetic surgery in the life of today’s woman, physical abuse in relationships’ among many others.

Upon receiving news of this nomination, Mercy Bee, in all excitement, thanked her lovely audience for putting her show up for this award and entreated viewers to not see this opportunity go waste.

She said, “I honestly have no idea who is behind this nomination but I just want to say a big thank you to whoever it is, know that I’m very grateful.

As voting has already commenced, I’d also like to entreat you all to simply text GBL12 to the shortcode 1736 across all networks so we can bag this award. Know that if Girl Vibes wins this, we have all won”.

Mercy again urged ‘Girl Vibes’ fans to use bulk voting since that is quite affordable and pushes the vote count higher.

Bulk voting can be done at 50cedis for 300votes, 100cedis for 800votes, 200cedis for 1700votes and 500cedis for 4000votes.

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