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Don’t blame the ECG for ‘dumsor’, blame those stealing the electricity – Mr Logic

Popularly known as Mr. Logic, entertainment pundit Emmanuel Barnes has linked the recent nationwide power outages to an increase in “electricity thefts.”


Ghanaians have recently voiced a number of concerns regarding the severity of the country’s power outages, but Mr. Logic claimed in a debate on United Showbiz that the country lacks power because more people steal electricity than buy it.

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According to him, it is important to remember that there are those who steal electricity and tap metres who even live in opulent estates.


How is it possible for the remaining 14 people to share the remaining five pieces of meat if a woman cooks 15 pieces for the children and 10 of them are stolen? Here in Ghana, that is the current situation. We are having difficulty since people are robbing the light. You will be horrified to hear that light is also being stolen by residents of opulent estates.

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You will not believe it, but the ECG was at my estate the other day for checks. There is no need to hold the ECG responsible. Because more people are pilfering power than are purchasing it, the nation lacks power. Apart from that, there are technical problems,” he shot back during a MzGee-hosted conversation on United Showbiz.


Additionally, he said Ghanaians should try to report these suspected thieves to the police rather than whining every time the lights go out.


“I first make sure it is not my prepaid metre or the ECG when my lights go out. It bothers me not at all. We must be responsible citizens even though power outages, or dumsor, are something that we will all experience. Inform those who are stealing light. It is childish to whine every time the lights go out, he said, accusing.






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