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Divorcing twice doesn’t make me a failed woman – Funke Akindele

The well-known Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele, whose real name is Olufunke Akindele Ayotunde, has talked publicly about her divorce from JJC Skillz.


With audacity, Funke stated that her two failed marriages do not make her a failed woman.

In a Lagos, Nigeria, interview with Wazobia FM, the actress revealed that her mother instilled in her the belief that success is impossible without failure. Funke continued by saying that she always takes life and each experience as it comes.

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“Never failing makes it impossible to succeed. You have to keep working at it. Similar to how a young child may walk cautiously before falling off. You just need to get back up after falling; it is normal for you to do so.


“I consider failure, difficulties, and roadblocks to be a natural part of life. That is how my mother raised me. As my mother would say, you cannot succeed if you do not fall and fail. Hence, you must continue. Observe; I fail to see the shortcomings even,” she said.


The well-known actress stressed the value of safeguarding her mental health and advancing her successful career. She has been in the headlines for weeks since the release of her film, “A Tribe Called Judah.” The film producer has stated that she wants to have a meaningful life and influence the next generation as well as her children.

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My marriage and personal life are things that I just roll with the punches. My psychological well-being is crucial. My career matters a lot, sweetheart. I must have an effect. Many people need to be empowered by me. I have to motivate the youth in our community.


“I must continue to be strong for my siblings and children. Why am I still here? My mind is focused because I have a goal. Indeed, she emphasised, “I cry; I break down, but after I cry, I just look in the mirror and say, ‘keep moving.'”



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