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Disappointment got me depressed when I returned from the US – Guru

The Ghanaian musician Guru has talked about a time in his life when he was in a difficult situation and lost hope because of disappointment.


He indicated that during the COVID-19 era, he travelled to the United States of America (USA) for a project and ended up staying there for over a month due to the deadly disease.

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He further disclosed that when he finally got the opportunity to return to the country, he was struggling to make ends meet due to how businesses had come to a halt because of the prevailing circumstances.


The fact that he was let down by people he expected to support him, according to Guru, had a psychological impact on him and contributed to the “depression” he battled.


“After spending two weeks in the US, I had to wait five months to return to Ghana due to COVID-19. I had to take some time to make apologies because things had changed by the time I got there. There were many disappointments at that precise moment.

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I wrote a song called ‘No Bad Energy,’ which is why. It indicates that, at the time, I was unhappy and depressed since nothing was going my way. In an Onua FM interview that Remedi Entertainment observed, he said to Felicia Osei, “My song reflects my mood.”

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