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‘Delay gradually losing her relevance by interviewing prostitutes, Snapchat slay queens’ – Showboy

Popular Ghanaian socialite Sam Safo, better known by her stage name “Showboy,” has been critical of Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) for the kind of guests she has been inviting to her show lately.


Not long after Delay’s interview with Snapchat socialite Dulcie Boateng went viral, Showboy noticed that Delay had recently started inviting guests to her show.

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Recently, Dulcie—a well-known Snapchat influencer—was a guest on Delay’s show. She is the leader of a five-person, all-female gang known as the “gang.” People on the internet have responded in a variety of ways and without end.


Showboy feels that Delay deviated from their standards by interviewing someone such as Dulcie, given the history of The Delay Show as a “guest seat,” which has featured a variety of dignitaries, including seasoned politicians.


Showboy emphasised in a Snapchat video that Delay, who has gradually lost her credibility despite earning the title of “Ghana’s Oprah Winfrey,” is losing it over time.

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“My intention is not to be spiteful, sour, or anything else, but I greatly admire Delay. Delay has possessed Ghana’s greatest platform since we were young children. Should you find yourself interviewed by Delay, it indicates that you are performing at the highest level possible. I was disappointed, though, to see the people who have been on her show lately when I recently went to her channel after being released from prison. ‘Nobodies’ is what they are all. You are Ghana’s Oprah Winfrey, Delay, but you are interviewing the girls on Snapchat. women who prowl. Should no-one inform you, I shall.


“Are gangsters being invited to appear on your show if you are interviewing these Snapchat girls? Because you have embarrassed yourself, you are losing credibility. They have some influence or following, which is why you are interviewing them. Is that what you are pursuing right now? Is that how you are spending your valuable time? The way you would like to use your strong networks in Ghana is how you have them,” he became enraged.


He went on to say that his criticisms are not intended to be used as a means of gaining influence.


“I am not interested in using your platform. I may express opinions in a way that you find offensive, but that is not why I am doing this—I am not doing this to get attention or to appear on your show. You might not air that specific interview, so I am not even sure if you would want me on your show. “I will give stupid answers to your stupid questions,” he emphasised.





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