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David Dontoh And Juliet Asante Have Neglected Their Duties In The NFA – Board Member

The Ghanaian Movie Industry has seen a significant decline in their activities as compared to its state some years ago.  The government in its quest to i
mprove this unpleasant situation and to activate the movie industry, which was once choked with their activities and business established the National Film Authority board.

Mrs. Rukayatu Naa Ayikaley Ankrah, a board member of the National Film Authority has pointed out why the National Film Authority has failed to accomplish its task.  The CEO of Diamond World Films, who is also the Secretary for Marketers and Distributors was a guest on Power FM’s Power Entertainment with Agyemang Prempeh on Saturday, August 13, 2022.

“The job of the NFA is to regulate the movie industry and it is more than a year or two that the excusable Covid-19 heat left the system.  Now, the main problem of the National Film Authority is the chairman, Mr. David Dontoh and the Executive Secretary, Mad. Juliet Asante.  There’s no regard for the members of the NFA from these two people.  The Secretary is doing business with the Film Authority. We’ve had only one meeting this year, which happened in February and we’re now in August” the Board Member, representing Marketers and Distributors stated.

A board of 14 members has been established to man this project for the past 3 years and it is strange to know that the LI hasn’t been passed till now despite the fact the the Act has been passed long a go. 

Mrs. Ankrah spoke about the need for a demonstration activity from members although some members are scared of taking her side of thought.

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