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‘Date Rush’ Tv show – Your twisted fantasy.

There is a loud roar amongst some section of the ‘Date Rush’ television show fans. I’m stunned by the dismay exhibited by the loyals of this instant hit television show.

Why worry about the spin or scripts implored by the creators, if it fits the basic constructs of perceived reality, which granted this TV show the much needed hype during the previous weeks.

Let me not burst your bubble, there are several spins of the same concept in the UK, South Africa just to mention but few.

‘Take me out Mzansi’ was an instant hit in South Africa too – the fact that it is scripted or a spin of an already existing concept takes nothing away from the show.

Most major television reality shows across the world shares the same format of script writing.

You can never predict the actions of humans that is why every society has a written set of legal guidelines to ensure sanity and peaceful co-existence – this is no deviation to the concept of reality shows. There are plots and twist to wild you off your lazy chair.

Congratulate the creators for serving your quarantine needs and Sip some hot coffee.

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