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Celebrities are not living lavish lifestyles like politicians – Okyeame Kwame

Renowned Ghanaian singer-songwriter Okyeame Kwame has addressed the myths surrounding celebrities and their lives, dispelling the idea that Ghanaian celebrities lead opulent lives.


The musical legend asserts that politicians are the ones who have demonstrated ostentatious lives. The tendency of society to scrutinise the material belongings of celebrities while ignoring the extravagant lifestyles of many politicians was brought to light by Okyeame Kwame. He contends that because the glitz and glamour of celebrities are so widely publicised, politicians frequently enjoy a level of wealth that is overlooked.

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His remarks come in response to the Economic and Organised Crime Office’s announcement that it would begin lifestyle audits aimed at celebrities and people who might be considered to have excessive wealth.


However, speaking in an interview with Berla Sunday on the New Day show, the entrepreneur opined that celebrities are faced with financial difficulties because they do not earn enough to live extravagant lifestyles.

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“Having worked with celebrities for about 20 years, I do not think they will find many “criminals” among them, nor will they find many celebrities or filmmakers, as these are suffering people. It is very hard to be an influencer or an artist in this field and then be able to make a living off of that alone. I have not seen any celebrities driving multimillion-dollar mansions, Maybachs, or Ferraris. Do they know where they are? Present one to me.


Nevertheless, politicians seem to be the ones who consistently live extravagant lives. I have seen government employees who drive S-class cars and make maybe $14,000 a month,” he said. The well-known crooner went on to say that they only occasionally take vacations outside of Ghana using the money they have saved.


Next, in an attempt to combat corruption in the nation, he urged EOCO to concentrate more of its attention on politicians who are most likely to be caught in its intended trap.


He continued, “It is evident that there are no or very few celebrities who are enjoying unjustified wealth, so they will begin their investigation into celebrities and be finished in less than 30 days.”

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